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Excessive PK

Complainer: W3eD
Accused: Brabus

Salut. Ma scarbit Omul asta. ori nu are ce face ori a fost abuzat cand a fost mic.. nu inteleg rostul .pk-ului .si nu am facut screen de cate ori mi-a dat ca nu am putut intra 5 min in karutan 2

Moderator admin 3 years ago

Hi! Your insults for Brabus in this complaint are already enough to close the case. I understand you being upset but this kind of language it's not part of our server motto. Also, next time please post in English so foreigners can understand also. Thank you for understanding, EuropeanMU Team

  • Inappropriate Language

    You have a good heart inside you, but sometimes you overreact and say things you don't usualy say and offend others. For this you can get days penalties in game, but you can apologise and we can sort it out.

  • Excessive PK

    Because you're overly powered, you felt it's good to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill the same player, who's not yet so strong. You can get a small 2-3 days penalty for this if you get reported, unless you appologise to the the offended player. If he accepts your apologies, everyone's happy!

  • Buy/Sell with real money

    No good - big or permanent penalty

  • Hacks/Exploits

    No good - big or permanent penalty