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Complainer: ghoust
Accused: Purple

eram in blood castel incepuse eram pe pod spre portile de la arhanghel cand am ajuns langa poarta aceea sa dau m-am blocat definitiv nu ma mai puteam misca deloc nimik nici move nici vraja nimik vedeam doar pe purple si 7even cum dadeau in monstri am trecut de poarta si cand am ajuns la statuia arhanghelului iara ma-m blocat pt 5 minute si purple ma tinea blocat sa nu ma misc si 7even dadea in statuie este permis asa ceva pe acest servar ceea ce sa intamplat o fost hack suta la suta

ghoust complainer 3 years ago

I was in blood castle started I was on the bridge at the gates of the archangel, when I got near the gate that to figure I'm stuck forever I could not move at all nimik neither move nor spell nimik only see the purple and 7even as gave the monsters we passed the gate and when I got to the statue of the archangel iara ma-m blocked for five minutes and purple kept me locked me not to move and gave the statue 7even is allowed so this game server was what happened a hundred percent hack

Moderator admin 3 years ago

Without replicating somehow this issue we can't come to any decision. It's a possibility that you had LAG or something that time or a client bug. Can't take any decision on this at this moment. Please make some print screens or video if possible. Thanks for understanding!

  • Inappropriate Language

    You have a good heart inside you, but sometimes you overreact and say things you don't usualy say and offend others. For this you can get days penalties in game, but you can apologise and we can sort it out.

  • Excessive PK

    Because you're overly powered, you felt it's good to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill the same player, who's not yet so strong. You can get a small 2-3 days penalty for this if you get reported, unless you appologise to the the offended player. If he accepts your apologies, everyone's happy!

  • Buy/Sell with real money

    No good - big or permanent penalty

  • Hacks/Exploits

    No good - big or permanent penalty