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Devil Square is an arena that surrounds the great Immoral Tree. Every four hours, mobs of evil are born from the Tree! Travelers come to this arena to team up and train their skills against the evil monsters!

Devil’s Square Rules

Party mode can be established inside Devil’s Square.

  • The warp command can be used after entering Devil’s Square.
  • Other players are not allowed to enter after the 10 slots have been filled…
  • When the character gets killed inDevil Square he will be warped back to Noria.
  • The player using “Town portal scroll” in Devil’s Square will recall the player back to Noria.
  • There is no experience loss when a player gets killed in Devil’s Square.
  • There is no Zen loss whe a player gets killed in Devil’s Square.
  • Items of the character will not drop when he gets killed.
  • PK is not possible in Devil’s Square.
  • Characters who stay in Devil’s Square after the quest will be warped back to Noria.

Devil’s Square Level Range

Basic character: Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Elf / Muse Elf

Devil Square Reward
  • 300% Increased XP