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This event is the most interesting for all classes of players and you know why? Because, if you're lucky, you can gather a whole bunch of bok's from +1 to +5 and you'll have the chance to make your own excellent set with great options or you can improve your attack with an excellent weapon which does strong damage to your opponent!

Blow you can see a regular invasion in La Cleon map:


But when the Golden Dragon invasion begins in the MU online continent, if you're strong enough and if you also have powerful friends on the server, you can try to defeat the GOLDEN KUNDUN! It's the boss of Golden Dragons and from one single GOLDEN KUNDUN, if you manage to kill it, you and your friends can gather up to 30 Boks + one special item! Why am I stressing the fact that you need to attack a GOLDEN KUNDUN with other friends? Because he's extremely difficult to kill and you will need buffs from all character classes in order to do so. You can find it on Kalima 7 map.

If you want to stand a chance, your party should have at least 2 to 3 buffs like:

  • Mana Shield (Dark Wizard)
  • Critical Damage (Dark Lord)
  • Ignorance of Defense of Enemies (Rage Fighter)
  • Life Sweal (Dark Knight)
  • Heal (Fairy Elf)

The above buffs are just examples of what you can use in order to withstand the great GOLDEN KUNDUN! You must decide what's the best combination for you and your friends!