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Dark Wizard MU Online Guide

mu online dark wizardThe Dark Wizard fights his enemies by using his magic and energy and not his strength like the Dark Knight.

He is great in  improving his magic offensive power, not like the White Wizard, and he uses his attacking spells to defeat his enemies in the MU online continent. Our magician isn't great at hand to hand combat, but he has a plus side with his ability to wear heavy duty armours and with his wizardly power, he can do great damage to his opponents. But the Dark Wizard also has a defensive secret which makes him do well in pvp battles! When he is in danger because someone is attacking him, the Dark Wizard can use his teleport spell and attack from different locations or he can use his mana shield spell which absorb most of the damage!

His magical powers grow as he levels up but his weak side is that, at the beginning of his journey in the MU Online Continent, because of his lack of physical strength, the monsters that attack him kind of have an upper edge, but with time his magical powers will overpass any expectations.

The bright side is that they have interesting spells with which they can attack from a greater distance, thus avoiding a hand to hand battle and because of these spells which attack more than one target, they can grow pretty fast.