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Fairy Elf MU Online Guide

The Elf has its roots in Noria, she's quite attractive and noble. She resembles to a real human, having a height of 1.70 -1.75 m but with tall and pointy ears.

The Fairy Elves are the only women from MU online and they're good in using every type of bow and arrow from the MU continent. With their bows, they can use multiple arrow attacks or magic spells. They're a hybrid class because they can fight as warriors but they can also help other classes with buffs.

The Fairy Elf has special buff which allow her to regain health and to increase its attack or defense. They can summon powerful creatures that can attack and help them level up.

Physically, they're a lot more weaker than fighters, but they have those useful magic skills or buffs. When they use more arrows per attack, they can hit multiple targets at once and they're pretty useful in a party where everyone is small and weak (those buffs do wonders).