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Magic Gladiator MU Online Guide

Every warrior and magician have their handicaps in this game, they can't use both the sword and magic!

But you know what? MU online figured it out and the Magic Gladiator is the most complete fighter! This character has its unique way of appearing in the MU continent because he can appear as a great and powerful magician (but he can't use the teleport magic like the Dark Wizard) or as a fierce warrior.

Compared with other classes, the Magic Gladiator is a fast grower and he gets 7 points per level while other classes get 5 points. The only catch is that if you want to create a Magic Gladiator, you first have to get to level 220 with another character; That's because his special abilities. And the Magic Gladiator can also use armours from other classes even though he has his special set!